Calling all fashion brides

This week we are so excited to share with you the new bridal collection by fashion designer Alon Livné.

Alon revealed his latest Spring / Summer 2020 collection last month during Bridal Fashion week in New York, and the results, are well... oh so dreamy!


A few words from the designer about the inspiration for the new fashionable collection

Alon Livné’s Spring / Summer 2020 collection was inspired by 'Rêverie' (daydream in French), one of the first solo piano compositions of Claude Debussy from 1890.

The piece, played on a grand—piano, starts with soft and comforting sounds that hint the start of a daydream, which inspired the clean and minimal designs in the collection.

As the piece progresses and becomes rich with harmonies and creates an almost touchable texture of sounds, so does the collection with gowns made of exquisite lace designs, rich hand—beaded fabrics and intricate sewing techniques.

Here are a few or our favourite designs, what’s yours?

If you are a Spring / Summer 2020 bride, email us to let us know which gowns we should stock at VIVIENNE Paris!

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