Frequently Asked Questions


We are located in a typical Parisienne apartment showroom near Paris, France and welcome our brides on a one-to-one basis. An appointment is necessary in order to make sure that we have enough time to find your dream wedding dress.

By appointment, we offer brides an exclusive one—on—one appointment and styling session. With attention to detail, a keen eye for style and a line of unique international bridal designers, you are guaranteed to find the perfect wedding dress.

Regal silhouettes, minimalism, a focus on fit, and hand—crafted techniques are what VIVIENNE Paris curated collection of wedding gowns is all about.

1. How long is an Appointment?

Each appointment at VIVIENNE Paris is 60 minutes long. When you make an appointment at VIVIENNE Paris the entire showroom is booked privately for you and your 2 guests. Your guests can sit back and relax while a personal stylist assists you to help select and try on our gowns and accessories. For second appointments a 45 minute appointment will be allocated and we will revisit your top 3 gowns from our collection.

Just looking for inspiration to start? Check out our Designer Collections via the "Designers" tab or our digital lookbook to get an idea of our selection before booking a full appointment with us.

2. Do I need an Appointment?

Yes! Due to high demand for our wedding dresses and accessories ( many of which are on EXCLUSIVITY at VIVIENNE Paris) we need to know when you're coming! The great thing about us being an appointment only showroom is that you and your guests will have the run of the entire space while you’re here and we are able to make sure we can give you our upmost attention, as well as give you enough time to try on quite a few of our amazing wedding gowns!

Appointments are paid for and have to start on time, so make sure to come 5—10 minutes before the appointment starts. If you are more then 15 minutes delayed, we have to cancel and reschedule the appointment due to lack of time that’s needed for finding your dress.

If you need a later appointment than what you see available on our opening hours to accommodate after work hours, email us your request and we’ll do our best to work with you to get you into our showroom and into our gowns!

3. What Can I Expect When I Book An Appointment?

We love what we do and we love our brides — so be prepared to receive the full experience! You are welcomed into our boutique where you and your guests are the only customers in the store. Our general appointments run for 60 minutes and we find this gives our brides enough time to try on 6 wedding dresses and then revisit their favourites at the end. Your guests will have the easy job of relaxing in our chic bridal lounge while you have the fun job of playing dress up with us!As we are a small showroom who takes a limited amount of brides a day, please take your fitting time seriously and cancel your appointment within 48 hours if a conflict comes up.

4. Who Should I Bring To My Appointment?

Less is more! You have probably heard this again and again but we really do mean it! We find smaller groups of 2-3 are the way to go. Less is more when it comes to companions. Bring one or two people whose input means the most to you.

5. What Should I Bring To My Appointment?

Nude, strapless, & seamless — Your three best friends! Nude undergarments, strapless bras and seamless panties will ensure you see the gowns in all their glory! Shape—wear is also recommended for some of our more fitted gowns.

Please wear minimal makeup to the fitting, just to be safe, as our precious white gowns are all made of the most delicate silks, French lace and crepe, and tulles.

6. What Sizes Are Our Samples?

Most of our gowns are sampled in INTERNATIONAL sizes, but we have made sure to represent a healthy size 38 or 40 French size gowns in our showroom. You will be surprised at how good we are at zipping & clamping to make sure you can tell what each gown will look like in your size. Please note that your custom gown can be ordered up to a size 48, depending on the designer.

7. How Do Fittings Work Once I Have My Gown?

Our Made to Order gowns by our international designers are priced between 3000 — 6000 €. We size our brides in her exclusive one-on-one VIVIENNE Paris appointment, measuring her body to find the closest size from our designer’s sizing chart. Using these measurements we will work with the designer to order the gown which is closest to these measurements. A 50% deposit is paid by the bride at this time.

Once the wedding dress arrives in Paris (6-7 months later) as each dress is Made to Order in our designer's studio, we then invite our bride to come back and receive her wedding dress at VIVIENNE Paris. The balance for the wedding dress is then paid at this time. The final hemming of the dress, to the brides desired length, is done by our seamstress in Paris and included in the price of our Made to Order gowns. If you wish to make further adjustments to your gown, we work with a local seamstress (extra fees apply) to get your needs met.

If there are any major adjustments to be made, we can direct the bride to a professional seamstress in Paris. As a guide, most brides can expect to pay an additional 10—15% for any alterations to these Made—to—Order gowns after they are delivered to them at VIVIENNE Paris.

Our Made to Measure wedding dresses by our international designers are priced between 4500 — 5990 €. We size our brides in her exclusive one on one showroom appointment at VIVIENNE Paris, measuring up to 8 points on her body. We then order a wedding dress from the designer which is made-to-measure to your body. The designer will take into consideration any customisation requests, such as material or color changes that the bride requests, longer or shorter sleeves, neckline or waistline lifting or lowering, slit closing or opening etc. A 60% deposit is paid by the bride at this time.

Once the wedding dress arrives in Paris, usually 6-7 months later, as each gown is Made to Measure in our designers international studio, we then invite our bride back to our showroom to receive her wedding dress at VIVIENNE Paris. The 40% balance for the wedding dress is then paid at this time. If there are any minor adjustments to be made, we will work with our seamstress in Paris to finish the gown (additional fees may apply.)

8. Returns

Our Made to order and Made to Measure gowns are all final sale. Once a wedding dress is paid for, with a deposit securely in place, you are in a contractual agreement to follow through with the gown purchase. Our Ready to Wear pieces, such as accessories, can be returned within 30 days in unwashed, unworn, and undamaged condition with tags in place.

9. What Is A Trunk Show?

Every year we will be hosting trunk shows with our fabulous designers! A trunk show is where a designer will send their newest collection (and favourite pieces) to VIVIENNE Paris for our brides to try on! We usually only pick up a few pieces from each designers collection for our permanent showroom collection, so this is a great opportunity for brides to see and try on more gowns from their favourite designers!

10. Do you carry Bridal Accessories?

We will be carrying a limited collection of bridal accessories created by our designers. We will also have unique and bespoke to VIVIENNE Paris pieces as well. We collaborate with international and French designers to create capsule collections that you can only find in our showroom, unique as each bride that we serve. A selection of Bella Belle wedding shoes will also be available for purchase from our international designers.

We aim for our brides to leave our showroom feeling completely styled from head—to—toe with a selection of fashionable accessories and shoes that will make every picture from her wedding day fashion magazine worthy!

11. Do You Have a Wedding Dress to Sell on Consignment?

Then please contact us at

Some of our gowns are being sold on consignment or are discontinued samples. Most previously worn gowns will be marked 30-50% off. New SAMPLE gowns will be 15-40% off.

Our off the rack gowns range from €800-€3,500 with the bulk of the gowns being in the €1,800-€2,400 range. Please take note of this before scheduling with us. 

Sizes will range from 36 - 42. As we are an appointment only showroom who takes a limited amount of brides a day, please take your fitting time seriously and cancel your appointment within 48 hours if a conflict comes up.